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Field Training Course – May-June 2017, Spain/Morocco. “Two Continents, One Goal: Advocacy Training in Spain and Morocco to Fight Human/Sex-Trafficking as a Human Rights Violation.” Field-training with diverse Spanish and Moroccan organizations, activists and government entities.

Health by All Means – Leaders Training on health and comprehensive wellbeing. Consolidate local and global networks to establish a platform for knowledge exchange and a plan for action for isolated populations with any type of barrier—geo-political, cultural, historical, etc. to achieve a full state of community wellbeing.


  1. The Time is Now. Feminist Leadership for a New Era//La hora del liderazgo feminista. Eds. Araceli Alonso and Teresa Langle de Paz. Global Network of UNESCO Chairs on Gender, 2019. 351 pages.

    Organized in four sections (Building Networks, Conceptual Frameworks, Education and PolitiThe Time is Nowcs), the articles focus on a crucial and cross-cutting theme in the theoretical and social, cultural and institutional development of gender studies: women and transformative leadership analyzed from the feminist perspective . . . The articles selected for this publication feature a broad spectrum of research outcomes, theoretical analysis and the presentation of experiences that, from different contexts and visions, give an account of the advances and problems associated with women who perform in leadership positions in different areas: in politics, in social movements, in communities, in education and in academia, among others. They also reveal differences and tensions between leadership styles, and in several articles, the construction and implementation by women of a transformative leadership that is committed to the wellbeing of the entire community stands out as a fundamental challenge.
    –Gloria Bonder, Director of the Global Network of UNESCO Chairs on Gender

  2. Health by All Means. Women Turning Structural Violence into Peace and Wellbeing. Alonso, Araceli and Teresa Langle de Paz. Deep Education Press, 2019.Health by All Means

Blurbs about Health by All Means:

The quest for gender equity and the eradication of violence against women is pervasive and a significant aspect of cultures around the globe. To be sure, indigenous feminisms exist in most patriarchal contexts, even, presumably, in the least likely places.  HEALTH BY ALL MEANS: WOMEN TURNING STRUCTURAL VIOLENCE INTO HEALTH AND WELLBEING is a remarkable and rare case study of the possibility of an egalitarian, respectful partnership between a U.S. university and rural villages in Kenya as they engage in a variety of women’s empowerment strategies that are sustainable over time. The book is a riveting exploration of the joys of “feminist emotion” as a tool for radical social change.

–Beverly Guy-Sheftall is the Anna Julia Cooper Professor of Comparative Women’s Studies at Spelman College and the co-editor of WORDS OF FIRE: AN ANTHOLOGY OF AFRICAN AMERICAN FEMINIST THOUGHT.


With the charm and wisdom that confirms her deep humanity on every page, Araceli Alonso offers a model for interventions in apparently intractable situations. This is no recipe book for promoting health, because “all means” include careful and customized attention to available resources and strategies.  But Alonso is an inspiration to follow, a spirit who explores and collaborates, counting on women to muster enough urgency and good humor to tackle patriarchy, poverty, and ethnic tensions in rural Kenya, and far beyond.

–Doris Sommer, is the Ira Jewell Williams Jr., Professor of African Studies at Harvard University, Founder and of Director of Cultural Agents


The stories and achievements from this book have inspired the trajectory of my own future. The efforts by the women of Lunga Lunga and Kwale county have created a sustainable way of making a holistically healthy life more accessible for all, while tightening community bonds and providing them with a strong sense of meaning and capability. The book details an incredible example of the power of indigenous knowledge, and the importance of humility when working cross culturally. The Health by All Means work serves as an invaluable example to forming a sustainable bridge to the brightest attainable future for oppressed women. The powerful lessons in this book are essential to all areas of life and conflict that we deal with today. This is something that all people aiming to work in global health need to read!

–Grant M Klausen, former Director University of Oregon Students for Global Health


This compelling book combines feminist theoretical rigor with applied research, a heartwarming story of multicultural understanding and collaboration, and astute pointers for effective community action at home and abroad.
–Margarita Benitez, Executive Director Puerto Rico
Endowment for the Humanities


As students and young professionals in a world so obfuscated and mired by short-sighted and poorly executed global health interventions, it has become increasingly difficult to determine the appropriate way to live and work in this climate. Dr. Alonso’s work serves as a beacon, cutting through the fog of uncertainty, and establishes a stellar framework for how to go about enacting meaningful change. Her Health by All Means model for development and wellbeing establishes a new and revolutionary standard for the empowerment and betterment of men and women alike. Dr. Alonso’s model goes above and beyond others by realizing that healthcare is only one component of success, and shows how working with the community to empower, enable, and educate women is crucial to the wellbeing of all. As the next generation of global citizens, Dr. Alonso gives us the tools to fight the helplessness and apathy that so often stops people from getting the help they deserve in a mindful and lasting way, and I strongly recommend this book to any student who seeks concrete examples of how to apply the knowledge we’ve gained from education.

–Andrew Pardi, MD student, Former Executive Director University of Oregon Students for Global Health

Other Publications:

  1. Leimontas, Molly, and Madelyne Huibregtse. A Baseline Assessment: Data Collection and Analysis of Women Escort Advertisements Posted on in Madison, WI. 4W-STREETS (Social Transformation to End the Exploitation and Trafficking for Sex), UNESCO Chair on Gender, Wellbeing and a Culture of Peace, December 2017.
  2. Antolinez, Inmaculada; Esperanza Barbuzano, and Araceli Alonso. Sex Trafficking and Border Crossing in the Context of Migration. WI. 4W-STREETS (Social Transformation to End the Exploitation and Trafficking for Sex), UNESCO Chair on Gender, Wellbeing and a Culture of Peace, December 2017.
  3. Bintliff, Amy; Araceli Alonso; Lori DiPrete Brown, and Jean Geran. Gender, Wellbeing & the Ecological Commons:  A Participatory Framework. WI. 4W-STREETS (Social Transformation to End the Exploitation and Trafficking for Sex), UNESCO Chair on Gender, Wellbeing and a Culture of Peace, December 2017.

Research Groups:

  1. Human/Sex-Trafficking
  2. Feminist Theory