Chair Co-holders: The UNESCO Chair is jointly held by Professor Araceli Alonso at the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies and Dr. Teresa Langle de Paz, based in Spain and Honorary Fellow at such department. All actions and projects of the Chair are jointly promoted through the campus-wide 4W (Women, Wellbeing, Wisconsin and the World) Initiative, directed by Lori DiPrete Brown and the Chair international networks.

Executive Committee: Prof. Araceli Alonso, Dr. Teresa Langle de Paz and Lori DiPrete Brown.

Honorary President: Federico Mayor Zaragoza, President of the Foundation for a Culture of Peace – Former UNESCO Director General.

Scientific Committee:

  • Sandra Adell, PhD  African American Studies
  • Cynthia Anderson, MD, MPH  School of Medicine and Public Health
  • Araceli Alonso, RN, MA, MS, PhD Women’s Studies
  • Margarita Benítez, PhD  Leadership Programs, American Council on Education
  • Karen Bogenschneider, PhD  Human Ecology
  • Mary Crave, PhD  UW Extension
  • Lori DiPrete Brown, MSPH, MTS  Human Ecology and Medicine and Public Health
  • Larissa Duncan,  Human Ecology and Medicine and Public Health
  • Robert Enright, PhD  Education
  • Barbara Nehls-Lowe, PhD  OutreachEducation
  • Connie Flanagan, PhD  Human Ecology
  • Jean Geran, PhD  Human Ecology and International Relations
  • Cynthia Haq, MD  Medicine and Public Health
  • Janet Hyde, PhD Psychology and Women’s Studies
  • Nancy Kendall, PhD Education
  • Helen Klebesadel, MFA Women’s Studies and the Arts
  • Teresa Lange de Paz, PhD Women’s Studies and Peace Studies
  • Patty Loew, PhD Journalism
  • Chiseche Mibenge, PhD International Human Rights Law
  • Lalita du Perron, PhD  South Asian Studies
  • Jeanette Roberts, PhD, MPH Global Pharmacy and Public Health



Women’s Knowledge Digital Library (WKDL) is a partnership of the UW System GWS Librarian’s Office, Women’s Knowledge International, The 4W Initiative at UW-Madison, UW System Gender & Women’s Studies Consortium, and the UNESCO Chair on Gender, Wellbeing and a Culture of Peace at UW-Madison. Thousands of documents, articles, and other sources concerning women’s issues or produced by women are available online free of charge.